At the request of Sierra…

I met Sierra DeMulder a few weeks ago and i told her about the dream i’d had the night before and she was in it. She told me to ‘please blog about it’ so, at Sierra’s request, I am here to blog about my silly dream:

So I meet Sierra at York, where she was going to be performing that night, but she was there to early. She told me that she really wanted to see desert animals. I said okay but we have to hide you because you’re here to early and we don’t want anyone to see you. So Sierra turns into a mouse and I carry her in my hands down to a desert animal store. There is a really big animal playpen type thing so I put her down in there so that she can play, but instead she just takes off. She runs and jumps on some lady, trying to hide in her pocket. The lady was not very happy. I rushed over and said sorry, that’s mine. And scooped mouse Sierra up to go back to where she was performing. The whole way back to the other room, mouse Sierra kept biting my hands and fingers. It hurt. When we got back to the room, she turned back into a human and had no memory of biting me.

That’s all I really remember, except that when she was a human she was wearing a really pretty blue dress :)

in case anyone was wondering, this is what she looked like as a mouse:


My friend Katie and I taught Sierra our “stroke face” hahahaha love.

My friend Katie and I taught Sierra our “stroke face” hahahaha love.