it’s the way you pull out

my curls and tangle

your breath in my hair

how your whisper

echoes in the hollow

of my collar bone when you ask me

to stay the night

you hold me

tight while you sleep

tighter when you wake

as if you fear

I was only something you dreamed of

it’s the way you hide

my bracelets cover

my scars with kisses and let me wear

you instead

it’s the way “I love you” sounds

like a promise

how now feels

like forever

that the miles that stretch

boundaries through stateliness and

fault lines keep fingertips from touching

cannot compare to the strength

of these heartbeats

because I still feel my pulse jump

when you look at me

the way your heartbeat sounds like

my name caught

in the base of your throat

underneath your tongue

as if

you have been practicing it

for years

if I could carry your


with me I would

so that even the police

could trace me back

to you

my hands start to shake

and I miss you so much

I can’t remember what day it is


I have the tendency to wander

into towns that don’t know my name

I want swing sets and park benches

I haven’t met yet

sleeping under covered slides

and covered bridges

I have run away more times

than I can count

I told you I was good at getting lost

you said you were good at getting back

I’ve realized that you meant

even when I’m lost

you will always find your way to me


There are still days

that I pull out my phone

and type an entire message

before I remember

that you will never answer

it suddenly becomes hard to breathe

as if

my blood has turned to lead

in my veins

my heart

is so heavy these days

sandstormsfireandgrace asked
Yay! I am doing napowrimo also, I'm looking for poetry blogs to follow. You are great and I totally agree with your "poetry worth watching" :) I can only follow/message from my personal blog, but I have a poetry blog too!

Thanks! I’ll check out your poetry blog :)


She peeled back the layer of herself

that she kept on for the rest of the world

and handed him the pearly tear of her secrets

when she let him see

the spider web of scars that crossed her arms

starting then

his words kept her sober

he looked at her

with sorrow running rivers down her face

and thought

he never loved anyone more

maybe suffering

has the potential

to make us beautiful


he’ll never know what he did

the day he said “I love you”

turned her world upside down

and spun it backwards

she had never known love before

only its enemies

but his touch was soft

his kisses were strong

his eyes were honest

his arms were home

and as he held her tight

she believed him

and loved him back


I had never before

tasted sorrow

on the lips of someone

other than myself

but when our mouths met

I knew that familiar bitter

sweet taste

that wove a web of security

keeping us together


i have to remind myself

that i don’t like oranges

(it’s a part of myself i tend to forget)

every time i am offered one

i accept

it is never until after

i have exposed the soft belly of the fruit

and taken the first bite

the the reminder kicks in

i hate the way it lingers

on my skin all day

i should have known you were wrong

if only because

you always smelled

of citrus


i would like to say

that i’m learning about impact


but i’m daydreaming about sunshine

and by that i mean

i’m daydreaming of you

i appreciate the warm weather

but i’ve witnessed your ability

to heat up my winter

in time i’ll have both

but i am inpatient

i want to witness your ability

to give me goosebumps

in the midst of the summer heatwave


I’m having trouble with this response so

I asked my laptop to write it for me

but all the keys

keep sticking

nothing is coming out the way it should

I write

“I’m glad you’re doing well”

what I mean is

I’m stronger then you

ever gave me credit for

I learned not to miss you

a long time ago

correlation does not imply causation


you have been gone for almost a year

and I have never been better

I guess

what I want to say is

thank you

for teaching me about misery

so I can recognize how much

he’s teaching me about happiness


I didn’t stumble into love

I fell


Face down on the concrete

And broke my nose

There is already blood everywhere


you are breathtaking

i am

a breathtaking disaster

but if we steal

each others breath

we can call it a fair trade


when I was a child I found

the idea of water to be


my mother always said that

she worried I would shrivel up

and go down the drain.

These days,

I let the shower steam up

the bathroom mirror before

I get undressed

so I never have to catch

a glimpse of the reflection of

my body.

Water is still soothing in

the way I let it kiss

blisters on my skin

until I’ve stained the white tile

pink from the river of rubies

I’m washing down the drain. I swear

it’s not what you think.

I was just hoping you

wouldn’t recognize me

as a red-head.


To write is to cut yourself open

with the pen and write in your blood

allowing words to flow in time

with your pulse stream

of unconscious memories

find their way to the tip of my pen

burning my fingertips every inch

of the soul aches with

remembering things it tries

so hard to forget it has become so easy

to fool yourself

naked lies bare truth

and art is unmasked emotion

streaming its way out of the body

no beginning

no end in sight

no middle ground to rest

simply tangled thoughts looking

to be picked apart



not everything needs to be fixed

there is no such thing

as broken